California Water Institute (CWI)
One of California’s biggest challenges is managing ever increasing demands on its most precious resource – water. The decisions California makes about its water supply today will help determine if California remains the fifth largest economy in the world tomorrow. The California Water Institute (CWI) was founded to be a forum for unbiased, open, collaborative discussion, research and education on water-related issues benefiting the entire state.
CWI acts as a resource for organizations all over the San Joaquin Valley who are working on Integrated Regional Water Management Plans. We work with groups and help facilitate bringing them together to share information and resources when possible, secure funding and work as a forum to bring Valley projects to the forefront of planning efforts.

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California Water Institute
6014 N. Cedar Ave, M/S OF 18
Fresno, CA  93710

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(559) 278-8650 – General
(559) 278-7808 – Education & Seminars
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Sarge Green, Program Director:
Karl Longley, Program Specialist:
Richard Moss, Tulare Basin IRWM facilitator:
Kate Norum, Program Manager:
Vince Roos, San Joaquin River Basin IRWM facilitator:
Theresa Sebasto, Program Specialist:
Ellen Suryadi, Administration:
James Tischer, Program Specialist:
Kaomine Vang, Program Manager:
David Zoldoske, CWI Director:


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California Water Institute
6014 N. Cedar Ave, M/S OF 18
Fresno, CA 93710
Phone: (559) 278-8650
Fax: (559) 278-8655