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One of California’s biggest challenges is managing ever increasing demands on its most precious resource – water.  The decisions California makes about its water supply today will help determine if California remains the fifth largest economy in the world tomorrow.  The California Water Institute (CWI) was founded to be a forum for unbiased, open, collaborative discussion, research and education on water-related issues benefiting the entire state.

In March 2000, voters approved Proposition 13, a $2 billion water bond measure.  Three-million dollars of start-up funds for the California Water Institute were included in a portion of the bond co-authored by Congressman Jim Costa of Fresno and State Senator Mike Machado of Linden.  In October 2000, a diverse group representing government, public organizations, and private industry – all with a vested interest in water use for agriculture, urban needs and the environment - met to outline and create a shared vision for the future of the California Water Institute that includes:

  Scope of Activities
To carry out concise, comprehensive studies that will provide the direction for better future uses and conservation of the State’s waters.
To promote practices that will enhance and preserve the State’s water resources and their quality.
To serve as a center for research, education, planning, policy evaluation, and information transfer.
To communicate the results of its research and studies with the residents of California.
To collaborate with agencies and institutions in California to seek a positive resolution to the State’s complex water problems.
  Research Functions
Further develop and apply the use of GIS to both surface and groundwater.
Develop and enhance mathematical models.
Conduct watershed-based studies.
Develop monitoring and reporting modalities.
Develop water resource management strategies.
Maintain databases.
  Education and Information Sharing Functions
Present workshops and symposia.
Maintain a collection of pertinent information.
Develop and present educational materials for K-12.
Develop and maintain a web site that contains important information regarding Valley water and provide useful links.
Provide analysis on water issues.
  Housed at California State University, Fresno, the Institute is lead by Dr. David Zoldoske, Director of the Institute.

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